Tuesday, February 2, 2016

"On Virtue in Education" by T.M. Meyer

"Moral formation is an essential component of academic education.  This may be a shock to some, most likely due to the modern divorce between academics and religion; however, the best education takes into consideration both the intellectual and the moral development of students.  Typically when we think of academia, the courses of study first come to our mind—biology, algebra, history, etc.  We do not consciously associate moral formation with these subjects, and we definitely do not think that it is necessary for success, but the opposite is true.  Progress in academics is impossible without moral formation.  To be the best biologist—or the best historian, mathematician, etc.—one must be excellent in moral and academic virtue.  Indeed, we can all agree that the best biologist excels in the virtue of discipline, since he has trained himself by a severe rule of order to achieve advanced degrees, to do research, and so on.  Is this not moral excellence?  Such a question must be considered."