Thursday, February 4, 2016

Dinner with Socrates, No. 4 at the Bosconian Review ~ Is Your Imagination Fantastic?


“The Fantastic Imagination” by George MacDonald


Many of us are introduced to George MacDonald by C. S. Lewis, who found in him a spiritual teacher, as well as, in considering his literary achievements, a master myth maker.  For more on just what Lewis says of MacDonald you should read his introduction to the man and his work, found in the anthology of MacDonald’s work that Lewis edited.  For those of us whose Christian imaginings have been touched by Lewis, learning about someone who may have inspired him in a similar way is intriguing and exciting.

In the excerpt that we are reading, MacDonald is himself expounding upon the very particular type of reaction that he hopes his fantastical writing will illicit in the reader.  In a nutshell he is making an attempt to explain and, to some degree, defend what it is that a good fantasy story does.

Our discussion questions will touch on themes like the value and purpose of imagination in the divine economy and the educational value of fantastic stories.


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