Friday, February 3, 2012

Independent Study Classes now available for Latin and Logic at Rolling Acres School

The Rolling Acres School is now offering independent study classes with two options:
Independent Study Plus: This option retains the same content and structure as the Live Class, but does not include the Live Discussion. The “Plus” indicates that it does include the Live Office Hour and the same grading arrangement as the Live Class. Parent involvement must be higher, especially to keep students on schedule and focused, but the course can be taken at any time.—$150

Independent Study: This option, again, retains the very same content as the Live Class; however, it does not include Live Discussion, Live Office Hour, or Grading & Certificate. It retains full access to the Student Suite of recordings and class materials, which includes limited automated grading on quizzes and tests, as well as answer keys. This option requires the greatest amount of parental involvement, but provides the most flexibility of schedule and the lowest cost.—$50
Presently, Latin and Logic are available and more classes are coming soon!

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