Monday, July 18, 2011

Online Philosophy Courses 2011-2012 for Catholic Homeschoolers

In an increasing effort to fulfill this blog's mission, we are writing this post to provide links to online schools and services which are providing online classes this coming year in philosophy. We have limited the list to clearly-Catholic organizations for purposes of promoting Catholic homeschooling and those who work to provide great services to Catholic homeschoolers. We hope that you are able to find a place for philosophy in your homeschool this year.

Nota Bene: It seems that each school is offering different topics and different times, so the possibilities are great!!

Homeschool Connections:
An Introduction to Modern Philosophy; Thursdays at 4pm ET, (Grades 11-12)

  • September 8 - December

  • $190/ semester

  • 12 classes/semester

  • Technology: Live audio-text-video conference

  • Homework: Homework graded by the instructor, Dr. Jean, Rioux, Ph.D.

  • Textbook: N/A

  • Instructor's Availability Outside Class: Emal.
Regina Coeli Academy:
Philosophy I: Logic, Dr. and Mrs. Romero, Mondays 4:30-6pm ET (Grade 9)
Philosophy II: Nature (Included in Biology Course-Grades 9-12)
Philosophy III: Ethics and Epistemology, Dr. Romero, Tuesdays 4pm-5:30 pm ET (Grades 9-12)

  • August 29-June 1

  • $499/year

  • Classes meet once per week

  • Technology: Live Audio-Text Conference

  • Homework: Graded by Instructors

  • Textbook(s): Logic: Martin Cothran's Traditional Logic, Books I-II and Material Logic; Ethics and Epistemology: Electronic texts provided by instructor.

  • Instructor's Availability Outside Class: Email and Private Conferencing
The Rolling Acres School
Logic: Wednesdays 3:30 pm ET (Grades 7-12)
Rhetoric: Thursdays 5pm ET (Grades 10-12)
Philosophical Adventures I: The Wonders of Nature: Wednesdays at 5 pm ET (Grades 10-12)

  • September 5-May 11

  • $330/year or $180/semester

  • Weekly recorded lectures and Live classes

  • Homework: Graded by the instructor, Kenneth Rolling, M.A.

  • Textbook(s): Logic-Martin Cothran's Traditional Logic, Books I-II; Rhetoric-Martin Cothran's Classical Rhetoric with Aristotle; Wonders of Nature-electronic texts provided by instructor

  • Instructor's Availability Outside Class: Email, Skype conference, and group study conference

Other Schools offering philosophy: We were unsure from their websites whether one could sign up for one course or if one had to sign up for the entire curriculum. Times were not provided. If you know more and wish to share this information, please comment below.

As always, please let us know if there are corrections to be made on any of the above information or if there is a school we missed.

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