Friday, July 8, 2011

Online Latin Courses 2011-2012 for Catholic Homeschools

The following schools and tutoring services are offering courses in Latin next school year! Please note that these courses are taught by Catholics, so it is certainly worthwhile to consider them for your homeschool next year over many other popular options.

Nota Bene: Class times vary per school, so there is much flexibility! If one school does not work, another should!

Angelicum Academy: Latin I Thursdays 12 pm ET; Latin II Fridays 3 pm ET (7th grade - adult)

  • September 2 - May

  • $711/year or $395/semester

  • 2 hour class sessions meet 14 weeks/semester

  • Technology: ---

  • Homework graded by instructor, Ann Van Fossen, M.A.

  • Textbook: Latin I-Oxford Latin Course, part I; Latin II-Oxford Latin Course, part II

  • Instructor's Availability Outside Class: email

Homeschool Connections: Latin .5 (7th-8th Grade) Fridays 11:30 am ET; Latin I (9th-12th Grade) Fridays 2:00 pm ET; Latin II (9th-12th) Fridays 10:00 am ET

  • September 9-December 9.

  • $160 by August 1; $195 after August 1 per semester

  • 12 Live classes (Latin .5 has 13 Live classes)

  • Technology: Live Audio-Video-Text Conference

  • Homework graded by Instructor, Catherine Avis, B.A.

  • Textbook: Latin .5 Jenney's First Year Latin; Latin I-II Wheelock's Latin

  • Instructor's Availability Outside Class: Email

Regina Coeli Academy: Henle I (M/W 12-12:50 ET); Henle II (T/R 12-12:50 ET); Wheelock I (T/R 9:30-10:20 ET); Wheelock II (M/W 11-11:50 ET); Wheelock III (T/R 11-11:50ET); AP Latin (T/F 2:15-3:45 ET)

  • August 29-June 1

  • $499/year

  • 2 Live classes per week

  • Technology: Live Audio-Text Conference

  • Homework: Graded by Instructors Mrs. Casarow, Mrs. Romero, or Dr. Grote (Depending in class)

  • Textbooks: Henle or Wheelock

  • Instructor's Availability Outside Class: Email and Private Conferencing
The Rolling Acres School: First Year Latin Wednesdays at 11 am ET; Second Year Latin Wednesdays at 2 pm ET (Grades 7-12)

  • Septemeber 5-May 11

  • $330/year or $180/semester

  • 30 weeks of classes include weekly recordings and weekly Live classes

  • Technology: Live Audio-Video-Text Conference

  • Homework: Graded by Alecia Rolling, M.A.

  • Textbooks: D'Ooge's Latin for Beginners; Alecia Rolling's "Latin Composition Assignments" and "Translating Latin from the Sources"

  • Instructor's Availability Outside Class: Email, Weekly Skype Office hour, and group study conferences
These programs are also offering Latin, but it was unclear whether or not individual courses could be taken. Please see their websites for more information. Also, please share more information with us about these Latin programs if you know more.

(If any of the above information has been recorded incorrectly, please contact us below via comments, and we will correct the mistake.)

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