Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Toddler Art Curriculum for the Entire Year!

Krizeln-Schnipseln-Klecksen: Erste Erfahrungen mit Farbe, Schere, und Papier und lustige Ideen zum Basteln mid Kindern ab 2 Jahren.
(Scribble, Snip, Click: First experiences with color, scissors, and paper and fun ideas for crafts with children two and older) by Gisele Muehlenberg, 1996, 125 pp
Publisher: Oekotopia Verlag
ISBN: 978-3-925169-96-0
Price: Euro 17,90
German Level: Native or Advanced
Are you homeschooling your children in the German language? Are you speaking only German in the home either as a native speaker or, like myself, someone trying to raise a bilingual child? If you are looking for an arts and crafts curriculum for your toddlers that also supplies you with the vocabulary needed for this task, look no farther!
This first part of the book talks about how to provide creative environments for toddlers. Such simple suggestions as aprons, portfolios, and cubbies really do encourage the child to have an interest in art. Organization skills for toddlers is more than Montessorian; it's Aristotelian! She also provides a very handy chart in the back of the book with age recommendations for all the activities and what techniques can be used.
Gisela does a fantastic job of offering fun activities for both parents and children. There are enough crafts in this book for an entire year, and she provides enough variations to use this same book for many years! Your children will be making such conventional crafts as boats from egg cartons and paper lanterns, but also exploring a variety of media and techniques: water color, acrylic, modelling clay, pencil, charcoal, and more!

My favorite book of the year!


  1. Hello, I'm also a German-English homeschooling mother. I'm from Germany and my husband is American. We have five children (ages 12 through 2). What a surprise to find your blog! I don't know of any other German-English homeschooling family. Thanks for posting all those books. Our approach to homeschooling is a mix of many ideas, if you're interested, here's my blog: Untrodden Paths.


  2. Hurray! I loved your blog, by the way. The Saints' cloud was very nice, indeed. We mostly stick to a classical approach of homeschooling, incorporating Montessori for the littlest learners. All our children are still quite little, so the main focus I have right now is nature, liturgy, and reading aloud. Of course, I still have much room for improvement in all three! The most difficult aspect of all of this has been searching for good German materials that reflect beauty, goodness, and Cathlicity. I read so many reviews before ordering something, but I am still disappointed from time to time. It is very nice to see your book recommendations for new ideas!