Wednesday, October 27, 2010

German Prayer Book

Jugendgebetbuch: Leitfaden Christlichen Lebens fuer die Kleinsten bis zu den Erwachsenen (Prayer Book for Children: Guide to Christian Life for the Little Ones and Adults) by P. Raphael Niessner, OSB, 576 pp
Nihil Obstat 1985 Abtei der Benediktiner in Rohr
Publisher: Verlagsbuchhandlung der Benediktiner
ISBN: N/A printed by the publisher for private use
Price: Euro 12,95
German Level: Native or Advanced
It offers prayers for all facets of our lives from morning offerings to evening prayers. The central prayers of the Church are printed in both Latin and German. There are several songs with music as well as inspirational guides for praying in the domestic Church, our homes. This book is not currently offered on Amazon, but you may click on the picture to order from the German website Sarto Verlag. If you need help, feel free to contact Sarto Verlag as they are able to speak English and willing to help. Click here for the link.

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