Friday, February 19, 2016

7 Ways to Succeed in Online Classes

Rolling Acres School has provided a nice write up on 7 ways to succeed in online classes ~ A great resource from one of the leading online academies in Catholic homeschool education! Not only are some practical tips offered, but helpful resources by way of linked articles and discussions also. Here is the gist of their pointers:

Best Practices
The students and families who flourish in online schooling all seem to display a basic set of attributes and skills.  It is very helpful to consider these as you make decisions about whether or not to try online schooling and our program, in particular.  Here are the essential attributes of the successful family. 

First, these families have developed a studious home environment, there is an appropriate degree of quiet and order. Second, these families maintain discipline regarding academics ~ the work gets done and deadlines are met. Parents maintain oversight during all online activity. Third, successful families take full advantage of the services provided, especially tutoring.  In addition, they maintain good communication with the instructors, ask good questions, and seek help when needed. Fourth, these families support the mission of the teachers and the school. They are excited about the program precisely for being what it is and push the students to conform to what is being asked of them.  Fifth, these families insure that the students and parents know how to use the technology required.  Students need to know how to operate their computers, type, trouble shoot issues with headsets, use word processing software, and so forth.  Because of the limits on the type of oversight the instructors provide, it is essential that parents try online schooling with their eyes wide open to its limits and benefits.

In Summary,

  1. Create a Studious Environment
  2. Maintain Academic Discipline
  3. Oversight of Internet Use and Study
  4. Take Advantage of all services
  5. Keep Communication open
  6. Buy-in to the Mission of the School
  7. Master the Technology
For more helpful resources on online schooling and classes, please visit THIS SITE


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