Thursday, January 5, 2012

Online Logic Course for Catholic Homeschoolers

Logic, semester 2

Description: Continuing with the Traditional Logic texts by Martin Cothran, this class will cover book II. Great emphasis will be placed on games, drill, and discussion during class times, which helps fix the concepts in the students' memories and habituate them to their use. The content covered begins with simple apprehension of things and moves through the study of simple syllogisms to complex syllogisms and then to the application of this new knowledge to various case studies. The texts will be supplemented with materials provided by the instructor. The class includes weekly assignments from the text, quizzes, tests, argument analysis, and other activities.

(This is a Language Mastery course.)

Instructor: Kenneth Rolling, M.A.

Age Range: 7th-12th grades

Live Class Time: 1:30 pm ET Wednesdays

Course Information Packet: Traditional Logic, Semester Two

Pre-requisite: Traditional Logic, Book 1 or the equivalent.

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