Saturday, December 17, 2011

Online Introduction to Philosophy Class for Catholic Homeschoolers Spring 2012

An Introduction to PhilosophyIntroduction to Philosophy

Description: Using Daniel J. Sullivan's An Introduction to Philosophy: The Perennial Principles of the Classical Realist Tradition as a backbone, this class first traces the origins of philosophy from the Pre-Socratic philosophers up to Aristotle. It then gives a systematic presentation of the natures of things, moving from this to the more specific topic of the nature of the human person. Approximately one half of the text will be covered, leaving for a future course the consideration of the right action of man as well as the consideration of being. Other readings will be supplied by the instructor. This class includes lectures, readings, study questions, essays, quizzes, and tests.

Instructor: Kenneth Rolling, M.A.

Age Range: 9th-12th grades

Live Class Time: 12:00 pm ET Thursdays

Course Information Packet: Introduction to Philosophy

Pre-requisite(s): Logic or work in argumentative writing are recommended, but not required.

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