Sunday, September 18, 2011

What does Catholic Schoolhouse have to offer?

Many persons interested in Catholic Schoolhouse have asked the question: What does my homeschool group get exactly? We have put together the following list to help answer this question:

FIRST: Catholic Schoolhouse is NOT a drop-off program. It is for the whole family.

SECOND: All families have the tour guides and history flashcards, so they can review each week before meeting again.

  1. Tour Guides: These are booklets that contain the academic year's memorization materials. There are three guides, each for one year of the program. Students and parents cycle through all booklets every three years. Although students go through the cycle several times before graduating, they experience the cycle at a different level each time. Perhaps, the first year a student learns about Christopher Columbus from a picture on the history flashcards. Perhaps, the second time through Tour Guide 1 the student learns about Columbus from the history cards and the reading of one of Columbus' letters. The information presented for each age group varies.

  2. CD? No. But Directors have access to the directors forum which includes videos and audio files for teaching memorization in the classroom with the Tour Guide.

  3. History Flashcards: There are 5 for each week of the Tour Guide (24). These include Catholic events and Saints.

  4. Full Art Curriculum that corresponds to the 3 year Tour Guides.

  5. Full Science Curriculum that corresponds to the Tour Guides.

  6. Director's Forum: Not only teaching aids here, but guides on how to start your local group as well. These can include brochures, registration forms, and other business forms for getting started.

  7. Tutor's Forum: A place for tutors to share information. Need a VA map for geography? Look at the tutor's forum to see if a tutor in VA has posted one.

  8. SUPPORT! The founders, Kathy and Megan, are eager to answer your questions and help you get started. They are with you every step of the way!

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