Friday, June 24, 2011

Online Logic and Rhetoric Courses

Although the Trivium course has been cancelled at Rolling Acres School, there is a wonderful array of courses now being offered in logic, rhetoric, philosophy, languages, and history to supplement and enrich your homeschool. Any of their courses would be a fantastic addition to any homeschool curriculum, but especially to a classical or Charlotte Mason approach!

Most excitingly, the history courses are being developed in such a way as to allow families to continue using their chosen history textbooks! Anne Carroll's history books? No problem. They tell you which chapter to read each week! Catholic Textbook Project? No problem.

Below are the fall courses being offered for grades 7-12. Some courses are limited to grades 10-12, so please see the Rolling Acres School website for details.

Ancient Languages: Latin and Greek
Modern Languages: German
Integrated History: Ancient and Classical Times
Philosophical Adventures: The Wonders of Nature - Animal, Vegetable, and Mineral
Language Mastery: Logic and Rhetoric

Below is the R.A.S. Welcome Video:

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