Sunday, December 5, 2010


Die Erzaehlung vom heiligen Nikolaus (The Story of St. Nikolaus) by Lena Klassen, illustrated by Sabine Waldmann-Brun, 2007, 32 pages
Publisher: Gabriel
ISBN: 978 3 522 30111 4
Price: Euro 11,90
German Level: Intermediate-Native
This charmingly illustrated book tells three tales of wonder from the life of St. Nikolaus, the Wonderworker and Defender of the Faith. The first is the more popular story and is about three maids, whose father cannot afford a dowry for each. The girls are very obedient and continue on with their father. St. Nikolaus, however, thinking of the girls and how they were respectful of their father, tossed bags of gold coins down their chimney in three consecutive nights until each had a purse and thereby a dowry.
The second story is about three sailors who leave on a pilgrimage, but are caught unawares by a storm just off the coast of Myra. St. Nikolaus, because of concern by the villagers, takes a rowboat out to the ship and prays to God for the storm to cease, and it does!
Finally, the third story is about a drought in Myra. The people are all starving and go to St. Nikolaus for help. He prays to God and begs for bread. The next day a merchant ship arrives with grain, but is on its way to the Caesar and thus does not wish to sell any grain in Myra. St. Nikolaus, certain that this is the grain God sent, asks the merchants to give them some from each ship, and he promises that none shall be missing when the merchants reach the Caesar. And so it was the case.
These are only three wonders performed by Saint Nikolaus, but certainly memorable for children and adults alike, especially when illustrated so sweetly and in Myra. I, for my part, do not usually associate St. Nick with the sea and beach.

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