Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mass Guide for Children

Das heilige Messopfer: Messbuch fuer Kinder (The Holy Mass Offering: Mass book for children), German translation 2008, Imprimi potest 1989, 79 pp
Publisher: Sarto Verlag
ISBN: 978-3-932691-40-9
Price: Not availabe at this time. Keep checking!
German Level: Beginning and Up
This German guide to the Latin mass is wonderful for children. The illustrations very clearly show what the priest and altar servers are doing at the key moments of the mass. There is also a simplified prayer for the child to say at each part of the mass. This book has been wonderful at home for explaining what is happening at a mass. My children look long and hard at the pictures and ask me questions. There is also a nice 2 pages at the beginning of the booklet that show pictures of the priest's vestments and also the objects found on the altar. Each picture is labelled with the corresponding German word. There are prayers to say before and after the mass as well, again simple and good for the child to memorize. We also allow our three year old to bring this book to Latin masses. She turns the pages and watches the mass very carefully to follow along. As long as we sit up front, this works very well!

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