Friday, October 29, 2010

Catholic Bible

Katholische Haus- und Schulbibel (Catholic Home and School Bible) edited by Paul Bergmann, Imprimatur 1928, 368 pp
Publisher: LINS-Verlag, Gebhard und Josef Lins
Price: Euro 10,50
Available from Sarto Verlag
German Level: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, Native
I love the way this children's bible is put together. Each passage is clearly marked with the actual book and line numbers for cross-referencing, and the chapters are short enough to read to toddlers and older children. We are currently reading the Old Testament, and I am particularly pleased with the footnotes, which offer some commentary on how passages relate to the New Testament. This has been a wonderful resource in finally developing the vocabulary necessary to talk to my children about what is most important: God.

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