Friday, July 22, 2011

2011-2012 Online Courses for Catholic Homeschoolers

We personally know of many Catholic homeschooling families who are interested in online courses as a way to take advantage of tutors outside the home without having to leave the home. As a way to help these families, we have compiled a list of the online, Catholic schools who offer LIVE classes via the internet, i.e. classes that use LIVE video-audio-text conferences or some combination thereof. It turns out the list is quite short!

*Please let us know if we have missed a program or school, and we will update the post right away.
  • Angelicum Academy - A Great Books program. Full curriculum for Grades N-12.
  • Catholic Schools K-12 Virtual - An online school working with its local parish to help local parishioners with home education. Full curriculum for Grades K-12.
  • Classical Liberal Arts Academy - Small, online school that offers a curriculum for grades K-12. Classical approach.
  • Homeschool Connections - A service that works to connect homeschoolers with the experts. Offers a recorded lecture archive through subscription and Live courses.
  • Regina Coeli Academy - An online school that offers a complete curriculum for grades K-12. Large faculty and variety of courses.
  • The Rolling Acres School - An online, one-room schoolhouse run by a husband and wife. Offers enrichment courses for history, literature, and philosophy as well as foreign language courses.
Mother of Divine Grace offers an online component to their program, but you do have to be enrolled in their curriculum.
It would be great to hear what others think of these schools in the comments below!


  1. Regina Coeli Academy which became Fisher More Academy is now closed.

  2. Fisher More Academy is now Queen Of Heaven Academy.

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